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Event Centers

BlackOak Farms offers its members impeccable facilities and amenities that are above and beyond what you expect for most clubs. Whether a corporate retreat, simply a change of business scenery, a grand family affair or just time to unplug, the BlackOak Club grounds offers a space to meet all needs.

West Barn
Sportsman Lounge
The Sportsmen Lounge

Sit back and relax in the Sportsmen Lounge, smoking a favorite cigar while sipping a glass of bourbon in our cozy lounge area. This is your place to get away from it all and just enjoy some R&R time on your own in a rustic retreat atmosphere.


The Grand Room

Enjoy over 3,200 square feet for your corporate retreat, wedding or a needed family get away. We can host and feed over 100 people in the main room while providing all of the amenities you need for a fantastic memorable event.

The Bar
You can enjoy a full bar experience right here
in the great outdoors.

BlackOak Pro-Shop

Join us in our Pro Shop and look like a pro while sporting the BlackOak Farms logo with our latest swag that is kept up-to-date with the latest fashions in hunting apparel.


The Kitchen

Need your event catered? No problem. We can set you up with the food catering team of your choice from the local area. We have many levels of dining options to choose from for your enjoyment at your special event.

Event Center

Corporate Meeting Space

Tired of the office? Want to get away and do something different? We offer you over 5,000 square feet of meeting space for you and your team to engage and re-energize. We also have corporate trainers and facilitators available for booking per your request.

Outdoor Space

We offer more than 200,000 square feet of outdoor space for even the largest events.

"El Gallo" South Barn
European Tower

Stand and watch as 250 pheasants rocket overhead on our European shooting grounds. This is the sport of Kings and dates back to when they spoke the Kings. You and your crew will have a great time shooting these birds on the wing. We have, however, updated this so that you are allowed to speak modern English.


Sporting Clays

Enjoy unlimited sporting clays over the East Pond.

Silo Bar

Our Silo bar is our modern take on something old. You can enjoy a full bar experience right here in the great outdoors.


Fire Pit

The fire pit is where it all goes down. Grab your cigars, your favorite beverage and put your feet up!


Covered Pavilion

This is where it all began. This 70-year-old barn has been restored to give you the rustic outdoors and a great spot to just sit and enjoy a beautiful fire and what God has created for us.

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